Association for Creative-Innovative and Sustainable Development (“Creativity”) is a non-governmental organization, founded by a group of experienced professionals, high-quality national and international academic staff.

In order to achieve our goals, Creativity adopts an anthropocentric approach and cooperate with social, academic and business partners from the Republic of Armenia and abroad, aiming at producing and transferring knowledge and know-how, promoting entrepreneurial culture and enhancing the effectiveness of education. Creativity was created with the specific mission to increase and to promote the development of education, research, creativity, competitiveness, entrepreneurship, transfer of technology and innovation in the Republic of Armenia, in compliance with international standards, as well as to contribute sustainable development of priority areas of the society and the state.  In order to meet the goals, Creativity is implementing capacity building, educational and youth development activities locally and internationally. For the successful implementation of the aims and objectives, Creativity has been actively involved in the national wide-scale projects, focuses on the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches in education and research, various programs and short courses, conducts research and provides the strengthening of linguistic skills and enforce capacities in the fields of project management, entrepreneurship, promotion and expansion of start-up businesses, formation of innovative communities and ecosystems.

Staff members of Creativity have been regularly engaged in consultations, analysis, research, teaching, expertise services, education and training programmes from 2007.