Ani Hovsepyan has 10 years of experience career guidance and management, acts as career adviser/counsellor, trainer, youth worker and projects manager within the frame of various projects, initiatives locally and internationally. At present she holds the position of Career Center Specialist at the Brusov State University (BSU). She provides various trainings and seminars for the students and graduates, youth in general (How to apply for a job, How to be competitive in the labour market, How to write a competitive CV, Cover Letters, Entrepreneurial Skills, Problem-Based Learning, professional orientation, etc.). She has a great experience of organizing career and job fairs, as well as workshops, meetings with the employers, the business sector, entrepreneurs and companies. From 2017 she has been delivering course “Career Management” for the BA 2nd year students and “Managerial Competences” for the MA students at the BSU Chair on Education Management and Planning.

She has participated in a number of national and international forums, workshops and seminars on different issues of education management, career guidance and management, education policies, entrepreneurship and innovation, labour market and employability. She participated in a number of mobility projects in various higher educational institutions, non-governmental organizations throughout Europe. With advanced academic and professional background, she has a great experience in managing different mobility projects, educational programs, as well as national and international projects (Erasmus Mundus, European Voluntary Service, Youth in Action, TEMPUS, Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, Erasmus + Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education, European Solidarity Corps, etc.).

Ani Hovsepyan is involved in the development of various strategies and procedures related to the youth work, formal and non-formal education, employability, career guidance and professional orientation, university-labour market-business triangle, etc. She is actively involved in research activities on current educational trends, youth issues, career guidance and management tendencies, professional orientation issues, etc. She is a founding member at the Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe, board member of the Youth Affairs Council under the Mayor of Yerevan City.

Ani Hovsepyan is a PhD researcher at BSU, Chair on Education Planning and Management. Her educational background was reinforced by PhD research project at the City College, the University of Sheffield International Faculty for the period of two years.