Robert Khachatryan, PhD, Associate Professor is currently chairing the Centre for Quality Assurance and Reforms at Brusov State University (BSU), as well as he is Head of the Chair on Education Management and Planning. With advanced academic and research background, he has a great experience in managing different research projects, educational programs, as well as national and international projects. He has been extensively engaged in the quality assurance and accreditation processes.

Dr. Robert Khachatryan is involved in the Scientific Council of BSU as the Head of the Center for QA and Reforms and he also deals with the development and approval of different regulations and procedures for the effective assessment of educational and research activities and for the quality control processes at BSU.

He is engaged as the Head of the expert panels to seven Armenian state and non-state university accreditations carried out by National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation.

He has also participated in a number of national and international forums, workshops and seminars on different issues of European Studies, European Integration aspects, entrepreneurship & technology transfer, quality assurance, strategic management, research management, education policies and innovations.

He constantly carries out extensive research on current educational trends, reforms, student-centered learning opportunities and developments as well as conducts benchmarking with leading universities both on the national and international levels. Mr. Khachatryan is proficient in carrying out research, demonstrating professional skills and competences. He has 11 years of experience as a lecturer, research manager, education administrator and QA expert.

The frame of his expertise involves European education policy analysis, education innovations, system-wide higher education reforms that are targeted at research management; expert knowledge on entrepreneurial education and its interplay with entrepreneurship, education innovations and technological solutions within the European Economic Integration; advanced knowledge on the business models (Cirque de Soleil, and Shave Club), business model canvas, start-ups support, marketing and branding basics, IPR, corporate management issues for early-stage innovators; advanced experience in project management and collaborative initiatives on higher education system development and education reforms at the European, international and national levels, ensuring teamwork and supervision to produce strategic outputs and outcome; advanced experience in organization and delivery of trainings and in-person workshops for different stakeholders and target groups, etc.

Dr. Khachatryan has been actively involved in different projects implemented at BSU within TEMPUS and ERASMUS+ Programmes: TEMPUS ALIGN, TEMPUS GOVERN, TEMPUS VERITAS, TEMPUS ARMENQA, TEMPUS SSRULLI, ERASMUS+ MINERVA, ERASMUS+ LNSS, ERASMUS+ SMART acting as the Academic Coordinator.