Samvel Hovhannisyan holds a Ph.D. in Economics, has a wide range of interests, and is involved in various national and international projects that support entrepreneurship development and innovation in the European Union and Armenia.

Dr. Samvel is an Associate Professor at the Chair on Education Management and Planning within Brusov State University. He has researched and adopted innovative teaching methods that highlight the importance of students’ active participation during the class, usage of modern information technologies, a combination of students’ individual activities, and teamwork that foster their creative thinking and entrepreneurial mindset.

He works as an Analyst at the Central Bank of Armenia. Throughout the last decade, he has consulted several European and US start-ups on IT Project Management.

Dr. Samvel Hovhannisyan has researched EU Eastern Partnership policies towards entrepreneurship development while working at the European Investment Bank in Operations Department for Central Asia and Eastern Partnership countries; on projects that fostered SME development and Innovation in Eastern partnership countries, on EU policies on innovativeness and European Integration Process.

Samvel Hovhannisyan has managed to work in retail banking and at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg and has been a consultant for the World Bank, where he has studied and researched the different aspects of entrepreneurship development policies and support in European Union and abroad. He has a clear understanding of the economics and operations behind the implementation of such policies with a focus on innovation management and research management.

Samvel Hovhannisyan has also consulted the World Bank for the creation and implementation of the Educational Research and Assessment MA Program and has the expertise in connecting education, research, and innovation. This Master Program is the first in its nature in Armenia and the region.