Due to the experience, expertise and composition of our team, answering the diversity of request NGO “Creativity” offers the following services, not restricted to the current list:


We support requests from companies, governments, and start-ups with our strategy services to help them make meaningful changes in their businesses, organizations, and society. Our team is working with them on strategic and business planning, new business and public service models and go-to-market strategies, changing the organizational mindset and driving organizational transformation.

How we realise it

Typical strategic engagement has several phases, including diagnostics, solution design, planning, and implementation. Such projects usually start with a thorough analysis of current operations and performance metrics and move to the identification of internal and external opportunities, finding ways to adapt to the rapidly changing market environment, setting goals and priorities, developing business plans and supporting in the implementation process.


Analytical services

We support requests from target groups to help in advocacy and/or policy-research engagements on education; innovations; statistical analyses; environment and energy; firms, entrepreneurship and markets; gender equalityand empowerment; governance and citizen engagement; social protection; skills, jobs and growth; taxation and accountability, etc. around the world.

How we realise it

NGO “Creativity” provides analysis for strategies and policies at regional, country and macro-regional levels. Advocacy, policy studies, research could compare different countries and their systems (actors, policies, and strategy), the interplay between different aspects and actors (relevant ministries in the country), the development of specialized strategies and policy initiatives for their implementation.


We work on project design, management, and evaluation across various fields and geographies helping our target groups to prevent mistakes, unexpected delays, and money losses and ensure smooth implementation of projects and their main goals.

How we realise it

We provide technical assistance at proposals preparation stage, in projects management, external evaluation and training activities, as well as Quality Plan Management.

Our consultants may work remotely or on-site, fully integrating within the local team, as well as providing a full handover process to the staff before finishing the engagement.


We support the process of developing an idea into a business concept, including some key elements of business building – indicatively: need/problem/solution, business modeling, go-to-market strategy, scaling, revenue model, partnering customer validation, competitive landscape, basic finance, pitching, raise of funding.

How we realise it

We are working closely with the applicant based on an action plan which is implemented together by the applicant and NGO team, monitoring the progress, controlling the intermediate results and assisting the applicant in the decision-making.

Courses and policy dialog

One of the essential components of the activity of NGO “Creativity” is the assistance in the fostering of policy dialog involving all key actors of the triangle of knowledge which influence information, development or implementation of the policy changes. The other main direction of activity is capacity building courses related to the project management, entrepreneurial and policy dialog activities.